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  • Multiple virtual DHCP interfaces on a port [Gentoo]

    My ISP, EPB of Chattanooga, will kindly provide more than one publicly routable IP address via DHCP. They do this, I think, in order to allow customers to use only a Layer-2 switch instead of a router to network all of their Windows boxen and game consoles, at their own Wild-West peril (observed at my […]

  • Converting Droid Incredible .3gp movies to H.264/AAC/.mp4 in GNU/Linux

    The movies recorded by the HTC Incredible are in .3gp format, MPEG-4, variable frame rate, with AMR-narrowband 8 KHz audio. The 720p video made possible with the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update averages about 18 fps, while the 800×480 video can do 30-32 fps. Overall, it’s a package which is not as compatible as it could […]