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Generate an extremely long brown/pink/white noise MP3 in Linux

Using, simplified. Added fade-in and fade-out. Compile sox and lame with sndfile support to get the w64 format. #!/bin/bash noise=’brown’ # ^your choice: ‘white’, ‘pink’, ‘brown’, ‘tpdf’ # where tpdf stands for Triangular Probability Density Function (cf. dither). # … Continue reading

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jQuery UI button tweaks

I recently completed a project which included a complicated web application. jQuery UI looked really nice, so I went with it. I don’t regret that decision, but one thing was especially annoying: the buttons are unpolished to the point of … Continue reading

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midilog-0.1: MIDI logging of practice sessions

If you play keyboard and practice on an instrument that features MIDI output, it’s quite feasible to save all your practice sessions, using standard MIDI files (which are very compact). This program does just that! For me, it’s nice to … Continue reading

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